Island Hopping in Singapore

March 10, 2019
We've been wanting to go to the beach but could not afford to travel. Just not practical at that time when Christmas vacation was just over.

But, we wanted a break. I decided to follow a friend's recommendation, that is, Island Hopping in Singapore.

#1 They have shorter queue.
#2 Yes they have 3 islands
#3 You can jump around (Marina > St John > Kusu > St John > Sisters Island > St John > Marina)

#1 You transfer to smaller boat going to Kusu or Sisters Island
#2 Last trip from Kusu is 4:30pm compared to the 5:30pm of the Orange service

After careful consideration, we took the Marina South Ferries.

There was really no queue as compared to the other ferry but we had to wait. Saw 2 of the other company's ferry left before ours departed.

Despite that I think we still made the best choice. Ours had double deck.

The ferry ride was very relaxing.

First stop was St. John

We went down and had to transfer to smaller boat to go to Sister's Island.

Both the staff (at St John's) and the boatman warned us that there are a lot of monkeys in the island and that we have to take care of the kids.

Sister's Island was small. We saw 1 monkey. And we got scared. LOL.

We were forced to stay in the island for almost 2 hours because of the frequency of the small boat and because unfortunately for us we were with a group of guys who didn't know how to queue. We had kids so we couldn't really do anything much but to wait for the next boat out of the island.

Few snaps from Sister's Island

From Sister's Island, we were ferried directly to Kusu. (Now, we were told you couldn't do it with the other company. That company only do Marina > St John > Kusu > Marina. No hops. You can't go back to St John's if you reached Kusu).

I think we reached Kusu at perfect time. Had we arrived earlier, it would have been too hot. The beach was amazing. Low tide helped make it even better!

The kids had really good time at the beach.

Ate Meh had a great time with her photo shoot.

 We had to rush back though because the last trip out of Kusu was at 4:30PM. It was a bit sad because  the kids were having such a great time.

More snaps from Kusu Island:

Due to time limitations, we didn't get to explore St John's and the Lazarus Island. Perfect excuse to come back, yea?


How to get there: We took the Marina South Ferries from Marina Ferry Terminal

Cost: $16 per pax

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