Marina Barrage

March 13, 2019

We have tried to go to Marina Barrage couple of times already. We fail each time because of the distance and the time. We like to end the day early as we sleep early and Marina Barrage is super hot in the during the day. Almost gave up... luckily we didn't!

After a Saturday class we decided to finally try it out. Yes, it was indeed super hot. We had to stay indoor while waiting for the sunset. 

While waiting, we decided to explore Sustainable Singapore Gallery and we enjoyed it a lot. What we thought would be a boring exhibit turned out to be so interesting.

It was very educational and fun for my boys.

Even Mamon had so much fun. The gallery had some activities that kids (and adults) will surely enjoy.

The boys didn't want to leave the peg board. Yummy wanted to complete the whole wall.

It was like a mini Art Science Museum. And FREE.

We had so much fun at the gallery that we didn't notice we spent so much time. It was blessing in disguise as we got to enjoy the area without the scorching heat. 

Yummy was so amazed by the huge kites. He happily played with his paper plane that (luckily) he made during their Saturday class.

The view was amazing. I just love sea view. It has this calming effect on me.

The viewing pad was perfect spot to just stare at the sea.

For a minute there, I got jealous at home relaxed this guy was. He sat there staring at the waves.

It seemed so relaxing that I decided to try and sit around too. I realized it was so much better with the boys.  We sat there, hugging and enjoying each other. Perfect. Best view with my two loves. It was so refreshing and relaxing. No matter how relaxed and calm sitting alone seemed, I don't think it could compare with the happiness of sitting there with my two loves.

We already liked the place even before we reached the roof deck. I didn't realized we would love it more upon seeing the roof deck. 

Don't worry about the climb. They had elevator to cater for the sick and old.

The sunset view was amazing. The happy vibe of the families/friends having picnic was just so relaxing.

It gave the boys so much freedom to run around.

The crowd grew bigger as the sun began to set. I thought it was be an inconvenience. But No. In fact the crowd was great. It was very relaxing to see everyone enjoying.

The kites were so amazing to stare at.

We loved Marina Barrage. We all agreed we would be back.

With Kites!

And better picnic supplies.


How to get there: Take Bus 400 from Marina Bay Financial Centre

Cost: FREE

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