Wanhoi Yamcha

March 21, 2019
All the restaurants at the Festival Centre were crowded when we arrived and we were not familiar with the place. We thought we were limited to the restaurants below thus we settled for the least crowded, Wanhoi Yamcha.

The staff were not English speaking so had a a bit of difficulty ordering.

Yummy didn't like the BBQ Pork Belly, I thought it was ok

The spinach was ordered for Mamon as we had to give him something nutricious. :D

I think this Crispy Sweet and Sour Pork is the best of the meal.

Golden Fried Rice because Yummy refused to eat anything else.

For 6 items (including plain rice and water), RM 176.55 was a pretty good deal (~ S$35)


Official Websitehttp://www.oversea.com.my
Location :

Taste: ★★★
Service: ★
Price: ★★★

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