Bollywood Veggies

April 11, 2019
Our last stop for the Kranji Countryside tour was at Bollywood Veggies.

They had witty labels. 

Beautiful flowers!

Lush greenery! Such an educational trip for the boys.

I wish we came earlier or later in the afternoon. We were there just past 1 and the heat was terrible. Remember to bring a cap when you come visit.

It was so nice how they divided the plots. It was like straight from my dream garden design when I was still young.

 There was a small playground for the kids.

Poison Ivy was a disappointment. They stopped serving food after 1pm because of the crowd.

Whilst the place is free, they do charge $2 per person for group visits.

Thank you for such a fun tour Singapore Heritage Centre!

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Official Website:
Location: Neo Tiew Road, Singapore 719026 (Kranji)
Opening Hours: 7AM to 5:30 (Closed Mon and Tue)
Cost: Free (or $2)

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