Mutiara Beach Resort

April 28, 2019
We found a paradise so near Singapore. And it was just ours (considering we went on a peak season!)

We took a ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Tanjung Pinang. Bought our ticket from KLOOK.

The journey was about 2 hours. Going to Tanjung Pinang was relaxed because the ferry was half empty. Coming back was a little bit more difficult because it was fully booked and we came a bit late (we were the last passenger) so we didn't have choice of seat. It was first come first serve kinda seating arrangement.

The resort is almost 1.5 hours away from Tanjung Pinang.

The resort was a recommendation from a colleague. I booked the taxi through the resort. At first we waited for the driver just after exiting the immigration centre. Turns out we have to walk till the end of the bridge. He was waiting there. He was very friendly. He was ok for us to stop over and buy some water on our way to the resort.

Checkin was a breeze. They offered us cold ginger juice as we checked in.

Initially, we were offered to upgrade to Spa Villa but because of some communication issues, it was given to another group. Which was blessing in disguise because the Spa Villa is not sea facing. It was near the road and a bit far from everywhere.

We got the Classic Pavillion. It's got the toilet at the back.  (Ignore the decors. haha. We put them there)

There's another cottage where the toilet was beside the cottage. Uh, that would be tough when you need to go in the middle of the night.

[COMPLAIN ALERT] We had queen bed (but almost king) plus 2 single beds. Each having their own mosquito nets.  I wish they would change the bed. It's OLD. Really OLD. And dirty. The mosquito net need changing too because it got holes already. The fan was too small and was not sufficient at night. It was hot.

The entire cottage was very basic. Almost like a bahay kubo in the Philippines. That said,  I loved the simplicity.

They had water and insect repellant (both lotion and katol). They had soap and shampoo (but the dispenser wasn't working). We brought our own toiletries so it wasn't an issue.

We had a small seating area outside.

And a beach lounge bed. Others had hammocks.

[COMPLAIN ALERT] The water had this odd smell. We used mineral water for brushing our teeth because I wasn't sure if it was clean. Instead of feeling refreshed you feel sticky after a bath. But to be honest, it's what you get when you go to villages. So this isn't a complain. It's a warning. To set your expectation. People complained of cold water. Hmm. It didn't think it was something to complain about. On a hot hot place like this, a cold water is a blessing.

A pail of water with the cute coconut spoon to clean your feet before entering the cottage.

This is the view at the back of the cottage. It was a bit scary. Snakes? Crocs? I had to flush 3x before using the toilet because I'm so scared of snakes in the bowl haha. But it's just me being paranoid.

The beach was less than 5 minutes walk. It was so beautiful!

It was gorgeous esp during low tide. Be warned though that there are so many sandflies. Carry around your repellant!

It was full moon during our visit. The moon was so gorgeous. It was there till morning!

You can have you meal delivered near the beach. We didn't try it because we were so scared of sandflies. Haha.

The riverspa is another reason for visiting this resort. Amazing.

You can go by boat or bridge.

They had a lot of sports activities. We just didn't try because it's hard with Mamon. Maybe when he's a bit bigger.

Amazing staff. Everyone were very accommodating. Yummy loved Andi (Hello, Marc? Are you reading this. That guy deserves a pat. He was so nice to my boys!)

Their restaurant had just the right number of choices. We tried most of them and they were almost all GOOD!

Pizza was amazing!

almost our personal restaurant bungalow during our entire stay. We used this so many times including celebrating Mamon's birthday!

Another cottage we frequented. They had mini library and some resting area.

Mamon's complimentary birthday cake.

We had shells on one of the nights we stayed. We picked them up at the beach and asked the kitchen to cook them.

Instaworthy spots everywhere!

Overall, we LOVED Mutiara! It was very not your normal "resort". It was going back to basics. To nature. Enjoying simple life. 

I understand that it's not for everyone which is good. This place is paradise. It's their loss.

Thank You Mutiara (our shell rings)

Watch our full Resort experience here:

Update: Link updated due to license issue on YT

Official Website:

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