National Issue: Bea-Julia-Gerard

August 10, 2019
It started funny. I mean, no offense, I'm Team Bea definitely. But we know men are mostly cheaters.

It became a test of friendship. I love these girls. Angel, Angelica and Loisa. You stand up for your friend. That is what friends in trouble need.

One friend I wouldn't keep is bestfriend Shaina. Now is not the time to be pagracious and nice and say they are all my friends and don't want to comment. When my best friend is in trouble I would be there. You should be there.

When the cheater faces you with anger instead of remorse. It's like stupidity at its finest that doesn't even deserve a reply.

From MA Buendia

You won't need to reply because people will do it for you. LOL on the Soulutera comment.

The comments are hilarious!

The problem with Julia? She's so fierce. She's so angry. If she really isn't at fault, she could have at least asked. They have a small industry. She could have reached out and say it's not true. But no.

Julia's family. I think that's what's family is about. I admire their united stand. Scold her outside limelight. Advise her outside. But defend and stand for her in front of everybody. That is what family is about. Well done.

To Bea, this chapter is a filtration period. You now see who are your real friends. Be thankful.

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