nCov and Stupidity

February 01, 2020
There's a very thin line between being proactive and being stupid.

Adamson University's announcement

All Chinese?? What if they were in the Philippines all along? What if they were not exposed? You would expect so much more from the Office of the President of a University! What the heck?!

Train to Busan Comparison

Comparing those who call for banning visitors from China (and those who went to China) to enter the Philippines to the main villain in Train to Busan. WTF people? The virus is not the same as the zombies! Hello. Braaaaaainnns! 

Making it political

This is not about Duterte. This is not about Robredo. This is about us. Sure Duterte should have made faster decision. But dear Lord. Do not claim Robredo would have done better. There are too many considerations a leader must take. The stress would make a lot of difference in a person's decision making so let's not judge anyone unless we are in their shoes. Stop the politics for Pete's sake people.

Well, yeah, it's a shame we have stupid politicians. But his words do not necessarily reflect the whole government. And as of this post, ban has been declared.

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