Alive vs Peninsula

July 28, 2020
My zombie heart is happy with these 2 zombie movies of 2020.

I love Park Shin Hye and Yoo Ah-In is growing on me. This is so good that I think it's one of the best zombie movies in my list.


Let's get this straight. It is not Train to Busan 2 because I see no train and there's no Gong Yoo! :D 
I didn't like this movie. Who liked it?


JackSummers said...

happy with these 2 zombie movies of 2020...

Anonymous said...

Is it so important to know why we are willing to move mountains and turn back rivers for one word, one look, one smile of our beloved? It is enough that everyone in love with life is really capable of it... And how does it happen in movies?

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