Free Mask

July 08, 2020

The first one was given to everyone. It was a 1 piece blue cotton type of mask. I like it as it's really soft. The problem is that it was too big for the boys.

The second one seemed like a better quality. It was 1 piece black mask. I was the only one who managed to get as I didn't know I must use the kid's Birth Cert # instead.  Too bad as this set was really a good quality one. It was thick enough to feel safe (although my helper felt it was suffocating). It had that Lee Min Ho look. 😅

My helper received another set through mail. There were 2 designs given plus a disposable mask. 

This is the 3rd set. Each one of us received 2 pieces. I thought, it's not nice. Too plain. Look hard.  One size.

It was after washing that I realized there are 2 types. One with the fixed ear loop, and another which was adjustable. Like disposable mask, you can press on the nose part to fit you.  This set, although plain looking, was really comfortable.

Thank you Singapore!

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