Do not let politics ruin relationships

October 11, 2021


I saw this post in Facebook. Let's be clear. I am for Leni. Among all the Presidential candidates she has the cleanest record, intention and clearest goal.

I have relatives (in fact a lot of them) who are DDS and BBM. I would throw the "bobo", "patal" words. In fact, the worst that I have said is "Taga UP ka pero ang bobo mo." And I mean it. I meant it. I still mean it. 


There are good people. A lot of good people who unfortunately are DDS and BBM supporters. It doesn't mean they are immoral. I do not think so. I know them by heart and soul. Di ba pwedeng blinded lang? Or tanga lang?  The same way they probably look at us who support the other candidate.

With all honesty and sincerity I do not believe that anyone condone the violence that happened during Martial Law. Perhaps they don't believe it, perhaps they think it's the same with other candidates. But they don't agree with it. I do not believe any human would agree to such horrible acts.

Those that I personally know are sincerely good people. Very dependable. Very responsible. 

Blinded yes.

But not immoral. We should avoid saying such. 

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