PS3 for now

December 19, 2008
I first started debating on whether to get PS3 or WII last March for my husband's birthday. I heard from some officemates that WII is cheap in Malaysia so I went there with some colleague's to look/see. At that time, I decided not to buy and instead opted for iPhone (no iPhone yet in SG at that time... so it was cool.. at least I thought so.) I decided not to buy primarily because of the cost of the games.
This christmas, I couldn't think of anything else that would make my husband happier than a new gadget. So there I was debating again on whether to get a WII or PS3. I found this site, PS3 vs WII Head to Head, which proved to be very informative.
  • Beefiest Hardware - PS3
  • Best Controller - WII
  • Best Online Plan - PS3
  • Best Extra Functionality - PS3
  • Best Downloads - WII
  • Most Promising Software Lineup - PS3
  • Best Graphics - PS3

So it was 5 over 2. So there. Hello PS3.

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