Give me Some Donuts!

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My History with Dunkin Donuts
  • A few years back, Dunkin Donuts was a favorite "pasalubong" (gift) whenever someone goes to Manila and goes back to the province. I remember hand carrying boxes of Dunkin Donuts on my flights back home.
  • Not so long ago, while working in Manila, there were not many food places to chose from near our office so when craving for food trip we would go to the nearby Dunkin Donuts for teabreak (coupled with Squid balls --- yumm!)
Then came along the rest of the donuts -- Krispy Kreme, Go Nuts, even Donut Factory. And I thought Dunkin Donuts would soon be buried... NOT! Here comes Lee Min Ho to the rescue. Now I'm craving for Dunkin Donuts. Remembering its simplicity and the joys that it had brought be before. (Too bad there's no Dunkin Donut here in Singapore!)

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chocowafer said...

aww. i love him! :) i've got to catch up on boys before flowers. still on ep 4. :(

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