You Changed My Life

I liked -- nay, loved -- the part 1. The main difference in my perspective for these 2 movies is that I went to watch the first one with no expectation and left the cinema smiling and contented. This second part, I went to the cinema with great expectation as set by the first movie and left with.. that's it?

- I did not like Sarah's acting. It was OVER ACTING.
- I think the writers and directors tried so hard to match the first and failed. It was the effort of trying so hard that failed them.
- The cheesiness was beyond bearable and became IRRITATING.
- The sun dance was still there, but lost it's appeal and became hugely embarrassing.
I did like the movie for the following reasons:
- John Lloyd.. I think he saved the movie. (He and Rayver) were the only ones who were not overacting. John Lloyd's acting was flawless in almost the entire film.
- Mikee Cojuangco.. you left me in awe the minute they flashed your face on screen -- doesn't matter if it was just for few seconds. :)
If you can take so much cheesiness go watch this movie. Overall, it's still funny. Just don't go having so much expectation. Go and enjoy the movie. No comparisons, then maybe you will like it more than I did.
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