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September 21, 2009

At first I find this game very slow and boring. It was only after few days of playing harsh and b-i-a-t-c-h-f-u-l Sorority Life that I've rediscovered Restaurant City. I've finally accepted that I'd rather be bored than to be stressed fighting with all those crazy girls in SL.

In my restaurant, I'm serving Gourmet Garden Salad and Caesar Carribean Salad for appetizer and then Royal Roast Beef and Royal Margaritta Pizza for main course. Top it up with Tasty Strawberry Cheese Cake and Delicious pancake for dessert. :)

In restaurant City you can add friends (or people --- anyone want to be added?) then get the free ingredient for first time visit to a friend's restaurant. I feel its a lot safer since you can always delete the account after you get the free ingredient unlike SL where you need to maintain that house count in order to win games or at least not be eaten.

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