Tayong Dalawa

September 24, 2009

And so they killed Audrey King.
Sobrang attempt to make the audience cry. I'm a cry baby but it didn't even touch me. Instead it irritated me. To bits. What a waste. It ended becoming Ramon and Dave's show instead of being JR and Audrey's. Anyway, one way of making it a happy ending is kill JR. Make it appear that he sacrificed himself for his family's peace. Then show him and Audrey running around happily in heaven (although how can they be when they left their baby on earth? Or will the baby die as well? Morbid!) They cannot kill Dave coz he will end up having Audrey (sila magsasama sa langit?) Or.. maybe Audrey has a twin sister? Or maybe JR will meet somebody who looks exactly like Audrey (very very Filipino story!) Whatever it is... I'm off. The last few episodes are supposed to make u stick to the series. But I'm outta here. This is the reason why I prefer Korean series than Filipino series.

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