March 12, 2010

What do you to remove stress? Well, usually I eat. But today I've decided to do some shopping.

We started at Charles and Keith warehouse sale around 11am today. Man, it was crowded! My friend is saying that it's still much lesser than when he went there last night with his wife. So guess we're lucky? Well, I didn't get a single pair. Either the heels were too high, design super fancy or the size wasn't there. Besides I wasn't ready to brave the ladies war. It felt like a war zone with all lady soldiers. Haha.. All raring to shop.

So we headed to Suntec. There were 3 on-going sales at level 2. One for linens.. but they we're busy fixing the place and bulky items are always in the way so we didn't get to look much. Another room, was selling sports wears but we couldn't find Nike even though they advertised it. So we moved on to the 3rd room, where they had candies and hush puppy shirts on sale. It felt so bland that we decided to move on to the IT show.

The IT show wasn't very crowded yet. Lots of items for sale, but we couldn't find the security cameras we were looking for so we went on to the next sale.

Bodyshop sale. Oooooh.. I LOVED it. I shopped and shopped and shopped. 30 minutes later, I ended up being over 100 SGD poorer. But heck, I was so happy.

We thought that the sale ends there but few steps later we found ourselves at the Royal Sporting House clearance sale. Wow the Reebok shirts were at 70%.

Think it ends there? Nike was throwing 20% off on their jackets so I finally got my jacket. Worth the wait. Loved it!

Cheers for the next shopping day!

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