Ikea Philippines

April 27, 2010
Ikea is now available in the Philippines. Well, at least online. But better than shopping abroad and shipping to the Philippines right. So Filipino fans, start ordering now and maybe when the sales are good then they'd decide to open a shop in Manila. :)


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Anonymous said...

Ok this is BS. There is NO official store in the philippines as of Sept. 22 2010.

There are ikea resellers here that rip your ass off.

There are fake resellers around in the philippines. One of them is in the Makati area surrounded in a crappy area.

Prices are doubled in the store. They order equipment, ship it to the store, and charge you extra for it.

Go ahead and burn your money on overpriced IKEA items and make the middle man ricer, Mobiler.

Not to mention the "show room" is more the size of a "bathroom"

Good hunting for IKEA gear.

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