Love cannot be recycled

April 16, 2010

For the first time, Jerry Yan candidly discussed his closely-guarded personal life in a new photobook, and reminisced about his romance with Lin Chi-ling in a moving piece.

Despite his outpouring display of affections, the supermodel has shut the door coldly in his face.

In an intelligent yet almost painful answer while appearing at an environment awareness event, she said, "Love cannot be recycled."

Before that, when asked if she would want Jerry back, Chi-ling had only said, "I will cherish all the good memories."

The two were exposed as lovers in 2002 when their infamous bathrobe photos were stolen from Chi-ling's mobile phone when it was sent for repair. It is not known why they split but singer-actor Jerry mentioned in a talkshow last year he had written a letter of repentance for Chi-ling but never sent it.

The opening chapter Love Fairytale of his new photobook 9314 Man & Boy is heart-wrenching, to say the least.

In it, the former F4 member talked about visiting a post-horseriding accident Chi-ling and how they both had cried, because "a princess' biggest wish is to see her prince".

Known for being reserved and emotional, Jerry also wrote that she is too perfect and deserves a better man.

"I let her go because I really love her. If you've really loved someone a lot, you should be able to understand," he penned.

Source: Yahoo

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