Kellan Lutz Says Boys Will Be Dragging Their Girlfriends To 'Eclipse'

May 08, 2010
Not only is Kellan Lutz insanely hot, he also knows how to give good gossip, especially when it comes to the World's Most Important Movie: Eclipse.

Kellan dished to the Los Angeles Times about the upcoming Eclipse movie and swears that this film will be for the boy Twihards. Hey, they exist!

From the Los Angeles Times (via Showbiz Spy):

The guys are going to bring their girlfriends to this one, mark my words [...] There’s a lot of fighting, a lot of cool stunts. It’s a little darker. The stuff I’ve seen so far is amazing. Amazing. The music is great. Everything is just really captivating. I’m excited to see it, and I’m excited for the fans to see it.

So, fair warning gals: you're boyfriends will no doubt be dragging you to see Eclipse. It's the Iron Man 2 of vampires.

Kellan also talks about how happy he was to see the finished film since he had done a lot of acting with "cardboard cut-outs" who were turned into creatures during post-production.

Source: Celebuzz

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