Silent Wedding

May 02, 2010
Oh no.. so now we have to pay for playing/using music for weddings (events). So are we seeing silent weddings in the future? Read on...

Considering putting up music with the photomontage or video highlights which you’ve prepared for a friend, client or for yourself? Beware of the consequences if the music is copyrighted. Heavy fines, criminal and civil suits can be brought against those who violate copyright.

Targetted at Wedding Videographers, Recording Industry Performance Singapore Pte Ltd (or RIPS for short) and MPS Music Publishers (Singapore) Ltd held a dialogue today at the Red Dot Traffic Building to discuss the issues facing the industries.

Babara Wong from RIPS explained the basic structure of what RIPS represents. RIPS is empowered to exercise the rights of the 14 record companies till date, including your favour labels from Sony, Warner, Rock Records etc. A licence from RIPs is needed for reproduction of most music today. A yearly licence will cost a company or an individual S$2000.

Sharon from Music Publishers (Singapore ) Ltd (MPS) was on hand to explain their representation of 13 record publishers. Majority of record publishers reside in Malaysia, and hence getting licences for certain songs are not straight forward. Formally, to get licence to copyright songs, one will need to approach individual record companies. MPS has teamed up with 13 record publishers till date to licence the content/lyrics to the songs under these record publishers.

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