2 seats, single fare

June 24, 2010
My first STOMP post.

And guess what? Today, I had similar experience. Only this time it was an old aunt. She was busy picking her nose (I know disgusting!) But my laptop was so heavy that I really needed to have a sit as I'm having frequent chest pains due to the weight of my laptop. So I bravely but politely asked if I could sit on the empty sit beside her hosting her plastic bag. Wahh she made angry signs saying NO. Gosh! I wanted to take picture of her and post it to stomp again! Haha. But anyway, I was too tired so I stood further up the bus. Then an Indian guy came in and I overheard him asked if he could sit there. The aunt made the same gesture. But the guy just stood there and asked if she paid for the plastic! Bwahaha! I wanted to pat the guy and say, "Well done!"

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