June 30, 2010
Live on TFC is the inaguration of President Benigno Aquino III. Fondly called PNoy, short for President Noy and also to refer to Pinoy (as we Filipinos happily call ourselves).

Ok. I'd be honest, I don't like Noynoy. BUT! I want a peaceful, happy and successful Philippines. And I know it means we have to support the president. And I too commit support and pray that the system doesn't eat him up. I pray that he will live up to his promise of an honest and trust-worthy government.

Congratulations President Noynoy! I, Piggy, being a Filipino, is your BOSS. Therefore, I expect nothing but the best and most honest service from you as our newly hired President.

Hopefully you have a plan. Hopefully you know how to execute your plans. Hopefully you know what to do. But remember, when in doubt... Ask the people (not just the people around you!)

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