HBO Saturday

June 26, 2010

Fred Claus
Yep, it's an old movie. But haven't had chance to watch it before. I thought it was just another Christmas feel-good family movie. But, hey, it actually got me close to tears and got me missing my sisters.

This Is It
A year ago they were all raving about it. In fact, somehow it seemed that people worshipped MJ. Forgetting that he has some serious child molestation cases and that he looks very very scary. I'm not a fan, but I don't really hate him. Still I don't like it that he's being treated like a King. They should all have treated him so while he was alive not when he died and could not appreciate it. I understand he didn't die a rich man. Hmm. I caught it 2x at HBO, haven't seen the entire movie but was having this feeling, "this is it?"

Wild Child
Currently showing... love Emma Roberts. I got a little sick of her in Hotel for Dogs (after seeing it on HBO for more than 5x this month and last!).

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