June 26, 2010
Well.. I'm exaggerating.. or was I perhaps referring to Cooking Mama's Tacos and not mine? Haha. I made a lot of mistakes.

(1) I bought cabbage instead of lettuce
(2) And this is huge.. I forgot to buy Cheese!
(3) I forgot to take picture of the finished product

If not for the above mistakes it would have been fab. The recipe is quite easy as I bought the Taco Kit from Giants.

(1) Saute the beef with chopped onion, add the taco mix with 3/4 water.
(2) Add some Tabasco for extra kick.
(3) Chop the cabbage (aha! lettuce!) nicely.
(4) Cut the tomatoes as neatly as you can.
(5) Heat the taco shells in an oven (if you have one) or just in a hot frying pan.
(6) Grate the cheese (haha. u got me.. I skipped this part and decided to cut the thinly sliced cheese into 1/4 inch vertical strips.)

And done!

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