My Marshmallow Fondant

July 08, 2010
Today, after much planning, I've decided to make my very first Marshmallow Fondant.

Icing Sugar

Tray - because I have no space to knead
1Tablespoon measuring spoon
1/2 measuring cup
Tissue to cleanup
Disposable hand gloves (now.. don't use this .. it was useless!)

Pour contents of the Marshmallow to big microwaveable bowl

Add 3 tablespoon water.

Microwave for 30 seconds.

Take out and stir every 30 seconds.

Stop when there's no more sign of the marshmallows. :D

Prepare the rest of the ingredients.
Spread the Crisco all over the tray and your hands.

Add the sugar with the marshmallows and knead.
Add the crisco every time it gets very sticky.

Wrap using cling wrap.

And my final product?

Put to fridge overnight and start your art work!

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