One year

July 06, 2010

We just marked 1 year and 1 month here in our house. We're done with most of our appliance installments. Hoping to be debt free soon (except of course for the monthly amortizations).

Well, so far, except for our crazy neighbor, so good. House still squeaky clean. What can you expect with an OB hubby. Today, just a little sad that our living room aircon suddenly started blinking and won't turn on. Haizz.. We used it less than 10x in the year. Geez, just when the warranty has expired. Worst, my hubby's brand new Sager laptop (less than a month old) just died! Ok. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, buy Sager. My hubby's laptop died and will take 1-2 weeks repair (cross fingers no additional charges) then a friend's laptop (bought same day) have dead pixels. Cheap but low quality?

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