Aquino : Major major

August 25, 2010

FAQ Where was Aquino during the crisis? He was busy multi-tasking according to this Inquirer report. He was taking care of dengue outbreak, budget and this crisis. OK, so now let's analyze his mistakes and what he should have done.

(1) “To be honest with you this whole day, aside from the hostage situation, I was in touch with Health Secretary Ona about the dengue situation. I was also talking to Budget Secretary Butch Abad about the submission of the budget message,” Mr. Aquino added.

Prioritization. Crisis is a crisis. OK, so there's dengue outbreak in the country (my sister was a victim too!) but.. did it require his immediate (as in the next 30 minutes of his time)? Clearly No. Therefore, he should have parked this dengue issue (although we all know its just an excuse) for at least an hour and quickly resolved the on-going crisis, involving lives that were in more immediate danger.

(2) Palace officials said Mr. Aquino was at a closed-door meeting with local government officials on Monday night when Tsang called up.

Unavailable due to a closed door meeting. He knew about the crisis, his hundreds of staff knew of the situation. If the leader of the other country calls him, one of them should have entered the room and told him immediately. The other party would not call for no reason. He didn't have to say anything or to give a solution immediately. The other party just wanted an assurance that his people are being taken cared. The same way we expect to be if we were in the same scenario.

(3) "Lacierda said that when Mr. Aquino learned Tuesday about this."

Oh Gosh! Excuses and incompetence. It took his staff a whole day to relay this important message?

(4) "He monitored developments initially in Malacañang but “toward the end” of the crisis, he went out to meet with Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim and police officials at a restaurant close to the hostage site in Manila, according to Carandang."

I didn't see Alfredo Lim anywhere. It means he appointed Alfredo Lim, then Alfredo Lim appointed Isko Moreno. Ano to? Utos mo, inutos din nya?

Ok. Hush now. Please World. Forgive our President He is very knew. And this is his first major major issue/mistake. I guess being very new he needs time to adjust. Learn and be better not just in governing but crisis management as well. His staff needs time too. Our police needs budget for training. And a good leader to enforce discipline among our law enforcement unit.

And please do not judge us. A single human being does not define our nation. Like any other country, we have mistakes. Crazy people live amongst us. Our government is not perfect. Very young in fact. We pray for the souls of all victims. And we pray, that our nation, have learned from this major major mistake.

This comment:

must be referring to Kris. Who else would it be? World, don't take her seriously. We don't. Forgive her or not. Doesn't matter. She's just like that.

And oh, Don't worry P-Noy wasn't smiling because he was happy. He was nervous. Sometimes when we're too nervous and scared we can't help but smile. When we don't know what to do, we smile. When we get confused, we smile nervously. P-Noy, despite being lacking in experience and some talent, is a good person. It's one reason why he was trusted to be in that position. Good heart.

With this I end my posts on this incident.

World Peace!

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