How can you promote the Philippines?

August 23, 2010
Philippines is a beautiful country. TRUE. 100%. I like promoting tourism for Philippines. At lunch today, I was encouraging a colleague to go to Boracay instead of Phuket. He was arguing that Phuket is cheaper and safer and I was debating that Philippines is also cheap and safe.

Then, I go home. Open Facebook and Twitter. Was wondering why everyone was cursing and blaming PNP (saying, Palpak na Palpak).

A dismissed policeman held > 20 foreign tourists as hostage. His demand was his reinstatement. Hmm.. Hay Pilipinas. I haven't seen the entire news coverage, but does anyone know what P-Noy was doing while all thus bruhahaha was happening?

Well, personally, if indeed he was innocent, I still don't think he deserves to be a policeman. This kind of act and decision to do this does not make him a good person. Therefore does not deserve to be a policeman. Stupid. Tanga.

He wanted to be heard. Yeah yeah he may be innocent. But SELFISH. Goddamn SELFISH!

And the media? Damn people, why are you so SELFISH? Jim Paredes twitted: "People's safety supersedes media's claim that 'the people have a right to know". Are ratings more important than lives?

And the police? Yeah, they were a bit slow. But let's try to understand them. They have rules to follow. Their hands were tied and the media didn't make it easy for them, neither did all those who wanted to sure the moment to shine. Sure sure, they need training. We need someone good in quick decision making, strategy making.

Prayer for the victims. Apologies to the people of HK. Apologies to the world.

Prayer for the Philippines. This is gonna affect our economy again. Just when we were seeing a little hope. When will we ever learn?

And me? I'd still encourage people to go to the Philippines to travel. I'd still want to say Philippines is safe. But... I guess it's gonna be tough for people to believe. Now how the heck do we promote the Philippines?

Current mood: Very sad. Very Sorry. And Angry.

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