Lee Min Ho cannot live without his phone

August 11, 2010

Lee Min Ho is really attached.

To his phone, that is.

The Korean heartthrob was making his third appearance in Singapore - this time to promote LG Electronics' new Android phone, the LG Optimus.

At a press conference held at Marina Bay Sands, he told reporters that his phone is so important that he cannot live without his phone.

"On a few occasions when I forgot to bring my phone out, I'll go all the way back home to take it even if it means I'll be late!"

"I love my phone!" he proudly proclaims.

Min Ho revealed that the longest time he went without a phone was almost a month, when it got confiscated by his teacher when in secondary school.

As for his longest call, he said that he once fell asleep talking to his girlfriend over the phone and the accumulated talktime was more than 13 hours!

However, the actor said that he now only spends at most 10 to 15 minutes on the phone, and prefers messaging over phone calls.

Although Min Ho is one of the most popular Korean artistes around, he was friendly and tried his best to answer questions during the press conference. The smile on his face never faltered and he even gave his fans hugs.

In an interview with xinmsn, we asked Min Ho how he would handle a demanding girlfriend who wants him to call her every half an hour to 'report' his whereabouts.

"Half an hour intervals are really too much! I will try and convince her to call me every three hours instead."

He went on to reveal that when he was 21, he had an encounter with a persistent admirer who kept pestering him.

When he does not reply her messages, she bombards Min Ho with calls until he picks up. Worse of all, she wasn't even his squeeze, just someone he barely knew.

The tech-savvy star is also active on popular social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. He revealed that he enjoys uploading his personal photos and that has become somewhat of a hobby for him.

So will we get a chance to see his 'unglam' photos too?

"That's not a problem."

"I think fans will like my natural looks. This can also endear me to my fans."

The star has been learning English so that he can interact with fans from other regions over the internet. He even showed off a few lines during the press conference, drawing gleeful cheers from his fans.

Other than English, Min Ho has also been learning to cook recently.

Incidentally, xinmsn previously held a contest to give out tickets for Min Ho's meet-the-fans session. Fans were asked to submit their idea of a date with the star and some fans wrote that they wanted a cooking session with Min Ho.

Min Ho happily agreed that that was a good idea, although he was not confident of his cooking skills.

He revealed that while he enjoys the cooking process, he is very unsure of how the food would taste. If he were to grade his own cooking, Min Ho says that he will only give it one point.

Min Ho was supposed to stay one day in Singapore but he requested to stay one more day to take a look around Singapore and do some shopping of his own.

Source: Yahoo

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