Canon 60d

Just got a Canon 60D at the most recent SITEX (2010) for SGD$2208.

Okay I was deciding between Canon 550D, 60D then again Nikon 5000 and 7000. After series of calls to my brother in Manila and consultation with my photog friends. I've decided to buy 60D. Okay, hold on. My brother's gonna use it not me hehe.

I got it fro $2208 with includes kit with EF S18-135 and EF 50 f1.8.

Feeling quite sad to know that it's actually the same price as on the website (Heck we queued for a long time and braved the crowd). But then again the difference lies with the freebies. Here's what we got:

1 spare battery
2 8GB mem
tote bag
cleaning kit
prof tripod
screen protector

Hopefully, we made a good deal. :)

More review here.

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