Kimchi Express

November 03, 2010
We discovered a small Korean shop near Tanjong Pagar mrt today. Because we were not sure if it was good, we decided to take the set meal instead of the buffet.

Each meal costs $6.50. It comes with delicious array of side dishes and a decent amount of main dish. And top that up with tea. :) It was a VERY VERY good deal! The kind lady also very willingly gave us kimchi (which was VERY good!)

The ladies were very pleasant. All Koreans. It was very cute seeing all 4 ladies lined up to serve us our meals. The chef also frequently tops up the buffet table (he looks so much like the lead actor of the series "He who can't marry"). Hehe!

A bonus was the amazing posters of Korean movies and series. For a Kaddict like myself. It was heaven in Singapore! :)

My pick was the beef set. Yumm yumm yummmy!

The chicken set.

Seafood set.

Vegetarian set.

And Oh... tomorrow.. we will go back and try the buffet! For... $12!!!! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!

Kimchi Express have just become my most favorite Korean restaurant in Singapore!

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