CCTV Permit Application in Singapore

January 05, 2011
Dang, I always admired Singapore's efficiency and laws implementation. But this week just proved to me that too much of something is also not good. Due to a recent vandalism in our home plus the harassment we get from the neighbors, we wanted to install CCTV for our peace and protection. We called the police on the day of the vandalism. They filed a report, but we didn't get a copy.
  • We installed a fake webcam (in hope to deter whoever did it). The our neighbor call HDB to complain us. HDB demands that we remove the camera whether real or fake. (Geez our neighbor sure is GUILTY huh? I mean any sign of compassion and understanding would have been much appreciated. They knew what happened to us, but instead they go call HDB to report us... its like farting and asking who farted?! I hope karma catch you soon! You evil neighbors! God is watching!)
  • Called Town Council to get permit, was told to write it the feedback part of the website. Then to call back again at 2PM.
  • We wrote in the feedback, got a very blur reply. Something like ok to install within the unit. And to call another person.
  • Wrote again, asking what they mean by "within". If inside, it's like duh? How to catch the culprit?
  • Called the other person 2pm, no reply.
  • Called again at 3pm, finally a reply but very blur reply. He was in a hurry saying he will call next day but better to get the copy of police report. I confirmed if ok to keep the fake cam he say ok.
  • We go to police station. Very long queue. But very nice and patient police officer. He couldn't find our case, so he filed a new one. Gave us a copy. Didn't seem to mind that we want to install CCTV.
  • Next day, HDB call again to insist removal of fake webcam.
  • I call HDB to confirm something no reply.
  • They call back around 12pm. So I explain again. He said to get approval from Town Council.
  • So I email TownCouncil and HDB. Sent copy of the police report.
  • Waiting for call.
  • 3pm no call, so I call Town Council again. Now the guy is saying buy the peep hole camera.
  • I sent email confirming he suggested the peep hole
  • My hubby say peep hole no good cannot see the sides so won't know the actual culprit
  • So he call Town council again. this time town council say NO.
So Dang... did we just lose another battle with our neighbor? What do we do? This isn't the first time he complain us to HDB/police for crazy reasons. But seems like we always lose. Where is justice? I thought that this is an ideal country? Best laws and implementation. Then why is this happening to us? Imagine we were terrorized Dec 29. Spent 29 evening, 30-31 cleaning. Then on Jan 3 HDB come and call us. Now is Jan 5, and daily we spend hours talking emailing to officers. Not counting the almost 2 hours queue on the police station last night. It's like we are the victim here.. but why are we still defending ourselves? We are the victim, but why is the Town Council and HDB siding with the non-victims? Sad. Sad. Sad.

We don't want to fight. We just want to install CCTV. Can anyone please help us?

We need to know the actual process for getting the permit. We want to stop the harassment being done by our neighbor. We want peace. We want our life back. Justice.


Caripore said...

hey there,

think i am almost in the same situation as you. have the same kind of LOVELY neighbour and some acts of vandalism near my flat. so my family installed cctv outside our home. LOVELY neighbour complained to town council/mp (am not sure). Within 2 days of installation, we are asked to apply for permit with town council and police. been trying to find more information from town council regarding the application on the net, but to my disappointment, i cant find any. i didnt know we live in stone age.

anyway, i am no expert on this. but i think we can learn from my LOVELY neighbour and go to the mp if you want efficiency. throughout my dealings with my LOVELY neighbour, i realise that he seems to goes to mp a lot and his concerns are addressed very very quickly. the movie "just follow law" suggested that CC-ing people on emails is the way to go. perhaps you can try that too.

luck with both our applications and neighbours!

Anonymous said...

with report from police on vandalism TC still not approval??

reply back to them and ask them for their "expert" opinion on how to help you solve lor..

by the way, how you know its your neighbour complaining to TC/ HDB?

Ben Tan said...

Hope you have solve your problem since 2011,...

I would suggest you meet your MP .
Meeting GRC MP session normally on every week, It would help.

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