New Year's Resolution

January 02, 2011

Well folks it's 2011. It's a new year. Another chance for us to get things right. :) I read somewhere that New Year's resolutions are superficial and that we don't need to wait for New Year for change. But hey, it's a tradition. Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and, ultimately, reinforces humility. Breaking them is part of the cycle. And we get to do it only once a year. So come on! Give it a break! And give it a shot! :)

Here's my new years resolution (don't mind me if they sound like contradictory to each other.. I don't believe I can achieve all these, but I know I will achieve at least one. And as I always say.. Dreams are free.. so let me be!)

Lose 20 pounds.
I hope to achieve this before March and gain it all back by December 2011. :)

Have a baby.
As charming as Sachi. As beautiful as Kim. As sweet as Justin. As active as Ken. As behaved as MJ. As darling as Sachi. As talented as Zoie. As matured as Syoti (Andrew). As independent as Macoy. Then again.. I just want a baby. :) I'll have it by December 2011. :)

Do well at work.
I wanna make my boss and my team proud. I wanna achieve even 60% of what they do. Not spend as much time. I wanna be an achiever and a big help, plus a dash of great time management skills. :) All these I have a prove before August 2011. :)

So there. Just 3 resolutions. All BIG though. :)

What's your new years resolution? It's fun.. give it a thought. :)

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