SS501 members to visit Manila

January 16, 2011

The fans of SS501 will have an exciting start to 2011 as three members of the K-pop idol group had officially announced plans to visit the Philippines.

SS501 (pronounced as "Double S-501) became popular in the Philippines due to their song "Because I'm Stupid" which was included in the soundtrack of the hit Korean drama "Boys Over Flowers." The group's leader, Kim Hyun Joong, famously played the role of "Yoon Jihoo" in the same drama. SS501, composed of 5-members, discontinued their contract with their management company last year. However, the members continued on to sign with different management companies to continue their careers. Still, even if they are managed by different companies, SS501 promised their fans that the 5-member idol group has not disbanded and will continue to have group activities in the future. In the meantime, the members are continuing their careers separately.

Two of the SS501 members will be coming to Manila for a fan meeting entitled "Kyu Jong and Young Saeng and Story in Manila." This event is organized by Greenlights Events and Productions and will be held at the PICC on February 5. The organizers promise fans that the event will be an interactive-type concert where the two idols will not only entertain fans through performances but will also include activities where fans can participate. Some of the VIP ticket holders will also get a chance to meet Kyu Jong and Young Saeng in a handshake session after their show.

Park Jung Min, another member of SS501, has also announced plans to visit the Philippines in February. He is set to release his solo album on January 20. Incidentally, Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Young Saeng had also announced plans to release solo albums this year. 2011 will surely be an exciting year for the Triple S, the official name of SS501 fans. They better ready their green lightsticks as the boys will need all their support.

Source: Yahoo

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