January 10, 2011
My hubby is using my laptop for setting up our security cam recorder and using my iphone for testing. So I was left with no choice but to use his laptop with nothing installed so I couldn't tinker with my art stuff neither can I work. Food network channel doesn't have anything good, HBO's Cat Meow thing is a weird movie. So I was stuck with TFC. Scanning through and jumping from channel to channel. So anyway, here's some review of what I caught today at TFC:

Juanita Banana
She's supposed to be Bb Pilipinas right? Finesse? Geez. Her voice is IRRITATING. Is she really like that? Or is she a good actress? Geez. If her character is supposed to be irritating then she is really effective. A minute. Change channel. EWWWW!

Clearly, I don't like this series. Copy cat. Seriously. It's all parts of it was cut from different films and TV shows. Haiiz. Angel's boobs and being chubby is also a distraction. It's also fun making fun of Cooking Mama who loves this show. Hehe. Cruel! Okay.. I spent like 10 minutes... just in time to see Angel and John Lloyd with Maricar... John Lloyd is/was good. Now switching channel.

Mara Clara
Hmm.. to be fair.. the show is ok... the actors/actresses are good. But the story is really stressful. Very tragic and it's not fun to watch. Haha. I just want to relax. Watched like 5 minutes. Errr.. switching channel.

Kristine: Book 2
Now this is jologs.. hihi.. I'm jologs. I used to think Cristine Reyes is super pretty and sexy. Made twitter so much interesting. But after involving Mega and Sarah.. hmmm... Nah.. Irritating.. Sexy? Yep. Pretty? Maybe. Pero ... walang breeding... 5 mins.... Switching channel. :p

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