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February 23, 2011
Well, I've decided to have a new regular feature here in my blog with regards to my personal take (reactions) on current news (current events, showbiz, anything under the sun). Love it, hate it. It's my blog, it's my opinion.

Dra. Vicki more angry at Katrina than Maricar

Okay here's what Dra Vicki.. you have no right to be angry at neither the girls. In fact the 2 of them should have sued you and Hayden's friends for distributing the porn videos. Seriously, the reason why Katrina lost her case is because she sued the wrong person. Hayden did not distribute the videos. It was Dra Vicki. And it's nakakasuka that Philippine showbiz still respect and adore this doctor so much. Ok.. I may have come too strong.. but seriously... she had a huge role in the distribution of the videos. So I don't understand. In one of the forums that I've read, someone posted that actually It's Dra Vicki's fault why Hayden turned this way. She older and more experienced, yet she made a boy young enough to be her son to fall for her.

HK court asked to impose lesser penalty on Singson

Dang. Congressman. Get your acts together. This is such a shameful event.

Marcos son: We did not leave, we were taken away

More like. We did not leave, we ran like criminals because we are criminals. Geez... go on.. continue insulting the Philippines' memory.

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