Macau - Day 2 - Afternoon Tour

April 17, 2011
We took a cab from the Senado Square to A Ma Temple for about H$10. It was pretty near.

Wiki Trivia:
A-Ma Temple (traditional Chinese: 媽閣廟; simplified Chinese: 妈阁庙 Jyutping: Maa1 Gok3 Miu6; pinyin: Mā Gé Miào; Portuguese: Templo de A-Má), situated on the southwest tip of the Macau Peninsula, is one of the oldest and most famous Taoist temples in Macau. Built in 1488, the temple is dedicated to Matsu, the goddess of seafarers and fishermen.

The name Macau is thought to be derived from the name of the temple. It is said that when the Portuguese sailors landed at the coast just outside the temple and asked the name of the place, the natives replied "媽閣" (Jyutping: "Maa1 Gok3"). The Portuguese then named the peninsula "Macao".[1] The temple was well described in ancient Chinese texts, as well as represented in paintings. It is also one of the first scenes photographed in China.

In 2005, the temple became one of the designated sites of the Historic Centre of Macau enlisted on UNESCO World Heritage List.

I'm not a fan of hiking so I opted to stay down and check out the shops nearby while my hubby went up to check out what's inside the temple. I went to the nearby Koi Kei Bakery and went taste testing. Haha. (I regret, to this day, not buying anything from them!)

My hubby came down after about 10-15 minutes, saying he saw nothing but a stone.

We saw signs saying, "Macau tower" this way. So we followed it, thinking that Macau tower is nearby. Haha. Big mistake. We ended up to this small residential village. Beautiful houses. Reminded me of the scene where Jihoo carried Jandi while Junpyo looked inside his car (hello fellow BOF lovers haha!)

But anyway, it wasn't a bad decision to take a way. It was actually refreshing to walk along the river. With no one but us and a few residents. Away from fellow tourists and enjoying what seemed to be a normal Macau life.

I don't think many Macau tourists have this picture because they don't venture to this area. Haha.

Our bliss was rudely interrupted when this speeding tourist bus came and crashed in the tree just a few meters from where we were standing. I don't think anyone was hurt but the police were very FAST. Less than 5 minutes.

We were not supposed to go up to Penha Church but the Accident that we have witnessed rocked us. My hubby says, it seems like we're being told to go up.

Wiki Trivia:
Built on top Colina da Penha or Penha Hill, also known as Bishop Hill because of the Bishop Residence, is a Chapel of Our Lady of Penha which was first built in 1622.

The first chapel was erected by the crew and passengers of a ship which had a narrow escape from the Dutch.

Later the chapel served as shrine for sailors embarking on often hazardous voyages.

The chapel today dates back to 1837 when it was completely rebuilt along with the Bishop's Palace.

It is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Okay... I must admit. It was a major challenge. Extreme hiking for me. It took us a good 45 minutes to reach the top.. and guess what. Amazing! They probably have the best view in Macau!

Because of the extreme hiking we badly wanted/needed to drink and found this one and only shop. Creepy ?

Pictures were not allowed inside the church... but it was very very solemn. We spent a few minutes praying. And just enjoying the solemnity of the whole place. Amazing!

I was dreading the trip down and prayed for a taxi. And hey! We got lucky and there was 1 taxi.
It took us $15 to reach Macau Tower Convention.

Spent a few hours looking around (including staring at a weird couple openly french kissing in public! haha!) Anyway, finally here's the Macau Tower upclose!

My hubby was very scared of this glass floor. I thought it was pretty awesome!

We saw a few people do bungy jumping. Seemed pretty scary!

Okay, what do you get by going up the Macau tower? View. All 360degrees view of Macau!

Here's a trivia. We got the Macau Tower tickets for H$90 each instead of H$120 because of the nice Pinoy hotel staff. :)

We got a cab to go to the Fisherman's Wharf (which was color red in the evening so we really tried to get there before sunset). It was beautiful at the Fisherman's Wharf!

If I were to come back to Macau, I'd probably stay here at the Rocks Hotel. Perfect location and great view!

We took a shuttle to go to city proper. It was very Ongpin like! Haha. There was nothing much to shop. I didn't see any decide food shops either.

Then we found ourselves at the Wynn. We went to watch a fountain for few minutes. Nice.

And inside... was GRAND!

I was curious about the Grand Lisboa so I insisted we walk towards it. And good decision coz it was on our way home.

Before we knew it, we were back at the Senado Square and finally our 2nd meal for the day! Dinner!

Mine was chicken chop:

My hubby's was chicken curry:

Then we both had Strawberry sago. Yummy!

And we walked back towards the hotel. Ending our amazing day in Macau. :)

Come back soon for our HongKong tour!

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