June 11, 2011
I just came back from dinner at Cidele - Takashimaya. And it's SUPERB! Great staff (thanks Kabayan!). And GREAT food!

My pick was Beef with Mushroom Green

Heids and Ia opted for Fish

Duckie, unsure if the food is good, went for Big Breakfast

He got the Latte coffee for free with his meal.

What do you think about $1 for buffet bread? Top that with Olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar! Itallianis!!! I miss you!

We shared this piece of cake to top the best dinner this 2011! What could be better than a truffle cake?

Official Website

5/5 for FOOD! GREAT food! And they have 25% for Father's day! Perfection. :)

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