Korean celebrities receive expensive gifts

July 07, 2011
5 Jul – Some fans do lavish their favourite stars with ludicrous expensive gifts. According to a report by soompi website, an episode of MBC's "Good Day" revealed some of the posh gifts celebrities received from their amazing fans.

The show revealed that before his military enlistment, "Secret Garden" star Hyun Bin received a diamond-studded razor from his fan. The razor that is decorated with 150 pieces of diamond, is worth approximately KRW $32,000. Super Junior's Lee-teuk on the other hand, received a golden microphone from a Chinese fan.

Recently on another show, "Strong Heart", actress Gong Hyun-joo revealed that she received a 10 trillion dollar bill, surprising everyone in attendance. However, the money was a Zimbabwe bill and is worth less than US $5 dollars.

"Baby-faced Beauty" star Jang Na-ra also received a large sum of cash, approximately KRW $100,000, from a fan who wanted her to use the gift to promote her movie, while ballad singer Eru got showered with flowers and was presented with approximately KRW $13,000 by a Japanese fan.


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