Classic Mani and Pedi

August 09, 2011

Finally managed to get a schedule for the Classic Mani and Pedi that we bought from Shiok Deal few weeks ago. I was supposed to go with my girlfriends but it's tough to get an appointment on weekends and for all 5 of us.

The first time I made an appointment was a week ago. Unfortunately they couldn't accommodate me coz I didn't print the voucher. Well, before I went there I asked if they needed it the lady said no. It turned out they can't speak english. Sad.

This time, I came armed with the voucher (haha!).. and then? Taddaaa.. it was SUPER crowded. I was made to stand outside for a good 15 minutes. And still no english.

I was wearing shoes (of course since I came from office).. and the lady.. very difficultly said cannot color my toes because I need slippers. I had time to wait for it to dry I said. But she said no. OK fine fine. Let's get this over and done with. No color.

Barely 5 seconds that my feet was soak to water, she took it out and started to push cuticles. Like what?! Nagmamadali ka te?

And it was over in 45 minutes! No time to wait to dry coz they seemed to be rushing. And anyway it wasn't a very pleasant experience since there was totally no english.

I'm purposely not putting the name of the shop because I only bought it for a sale price. I got what I paid for. Haha. :)

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