Philippines Trip 2011

September 04, 2011

Spent 5 days in the Philippines for this vacation. 

Nothing can beat Philippine mangoes! I had it for every meal! I LOVE it. Unfortunately, the fresh one that I bought from Robinson's was a disaster. Don't ever buy Dizon's. It was super sour. The santol was even rotten inside. What a disappointment.

I just realized that cost of living is so much more expensive here than in Singapore, considering that the salary is lesser. Each taxi trip costs about S$10, pretty much the same as what you'd spend here in SG. Each meal is around S$50 for 4-5 people at restaurants. I even didn't get to buy any clothes or shoes because it's so much more expensive. Here in SG you can buy decent shoes and wedges at S$20 at Far East. In Manila, you'll have to fork up minimum S$30.

Oh, I love 168. Haha. I bought havaianas' for about S$50 at Trinoma, a fake one costs around S$3 and it was so much softer. (Hey! I'm not promoting fakes... just comparing) :) There's so many clothes at the 168 mall too! I wish I had more cash and more TIME! Hey foreigners, I suggest you go with a local. Don't go there alone. And when you do, don't bring too much cash or things. Bring what you can hug and hold tightly. :)

Airport taxes costs too much. You gotta fork out 1620 + 750 pesos. Remember to have this extra money before heading to the airport. That's per pax. For Filipino, but residents of other countries you only need to pay 200 pesos. But for the rest, prepare 1620+750. They don't accept NETS and cards.

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