Proud to be Agnesian

September 15, 2011
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Note: Agnesian girl image taken from Google Images search. :)

I've been missing for few days. Busy at work and Busy with Facebook. I KNOOOOW. Many would say "facebook?!" with a weird look. Old school! But, hey! It gets fun when you get to reconnect with old friends. And when you find out you missed a lot of juicy details back in high school. :)

Next time I go back to my hometown, I'd definitely force my entry to St Agnes. I'd visit all the classrooms where I've been assigned and recall where I used to sit. I'd visit the grade school library where I spent most of my elementary years and the high school library where I spent all my after school hours while the rest of the gang mingle. :) I wanna see how the clinic looks like. I remember pretending to be sick after lunch just to be able to catch a nap. I'd visit the garden at the back of the high school building where I used to spend all the vacant hours.

Homesick. :)

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