Christmas Station ID

December 10, 2011

It's really simple... begin with a good song. A song that delivers good message. A song that has good holiday feel. A song that has a good recall value. Top that up with glossy and well executed video.


Hmm.. the song didn't have any Christmas meaning. It concentrated on promoting the station. Well, yeah they have a lot of big stars. But the editing made it obvious that they were not together during the shoot. But because TV5 is new, I guess we can forgive them. Do better next year. :)

I was like.. nge? Seriously, why didn't GMA produce a good Christmas ID? Gosh, TV5 did better. I saw 3 versions for GMA and all were disappointing. Song and execution. What's happening my kapuso?


Eat Bulaga

GMA News

And the verdict?

Well, I guess this year ABS-CBN still wins the Best Christmas Station ID.

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