Noche Buena

December 25, 2011
Nochebuena (literally "Good Night") and Navidad are Spanish words referring to the night of Christmas Eve.[1] In Spain, Cuba, Latin America, and the Philippines, the evening consists of a traditional dinner with family. [ Source: Wiki ]

In our family, we celebrate it at home with the whole family at around 7pm. Dinner is early in the province since we retire early at night too. I love seeing the kids open their gifts. I love the food that my mom prepares. It's been almost 6 years since the last time I spent Christmas eve in the province. As much as I miss it, my current situation prevents me from being there. But! With the internet, it's like I'm there. I get to see the kids run around. See the adults eat to till their tummy's surrender!

Christmas breakfast and lunch = left over food! But who cares.. it's SOOO good!

Iba ang pasko sa pinas! Someone please send me puto bumbong?!

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