Things I Hate about Facebook

December 10, 2011

The video above was so funny that I just have to add my own list of things I hate about Facebook. Here goes:

  • I hate those "SELLERS"... damn folks. If I wanna shop I'd go to the malls! Or ebay! Or another shopping site! Or maybe I'd go back to Multiply.
  • I hate unflattering pictures... damn folks. I thought we're friends? Why the heck would you post those unflattering photos of mine?!
  • I hate "Check-ins"... Errr... must you check in at home?!
  • I hate tags especially when I'm not in the picture!
  • I hate tags - per se!
  • I hate false humility posts.. yeah.. it insults my intelligence.
  • I hate those "boastful" posts.. OO na, Sosyal ka! OO na, ikaw na ang walang problema sa pera! Crap.. makidnap ka sana. :D
  • I hate being forced to add people I don't know just because friends say they are our old classmates --- who I don't have a single memory/recall of. Geez.
What about you? What do you hate about Facebook?

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