The Exchange

February 11, 2012
Lunch today was at The Exchange at the Asia Square to celebrate a colleague's birthday.

Complete Menu

The meal begins with hot bread which tasted so much like Pandesal. Yum but messy. :)

Fine cutlery

Starter Course. The Salmon was definitely the winner on this round. The pumpkin soup was so watery and bubbly it was barely edible.

Masterchefs (and IronChefs!) in action.

Main course. My pick was the beef. It was so soft that it almost melted and didn't require any chewing.

The risotto (my first time to have a bite having heard it so many times at the Food network) was a disappointment. It was like super sour watery rice. My boss didn't even eat half of it.

If it's all about plating and presentation, this dessert is a sure winner. But it was so sweet none of us finished our dessert.

We ended the meal with coffee and tea. At $35 it was a good deal for a fine dining. The food was not fantastic but not bad either. I'd come back for another occasion. Maybe. :)

Service was not fantastic (just right). Ambience was good. Place is big so it didn't feel so over crowded and noisy.

Address: 8 Marina View, #01-05 Asia Square Tower 1, Singapore
Tel: +65 6636 1200

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