Irritating Facebook Profile Pics

February 01, 2012
Hide. Unsubscribe. But you just can't get away. You'll still see that annoying Facebook profile picture. You think it's cool? Funny? Awesome? Think a hundred times and try to be considerate because remember that you'd be forcefully asking friends to look at this pix for as long as you keep it as your profile pix (Arrrgh!) Do your friends a favor. Be nice.

Personally, I hate the following:
  • The scary pictures. Hey! I'd watch zombie movies if I wanna be scared.
  • The pout. I like it on Angelina Jolie. Doesn't mean it suits you.
  • The sexy pictorial. I know you're sexy. Exotic too. I'd rather watch R movie that see u naked.
  • Super close up pictures. Oh gawd! Don't scare the shit out of me!
  • The tongue. Arrgh! What's wrong with you?!
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