Tinutungan na Manok

February 05, 2012

Bicol dish thus Bicol term. Not entirely sure how to translate it except that I know that Tutong is burned. My friend cooked it yesterday and it was so AWESOME! I can't really recall all the steps but I did see her do the following:
  • Start a charcoal fire (we used 2-3 pieces of charcoal and created the fire on a conventional stove)
  • Chop garlic and onion
  • Cut the papaya into thin slices (about $3 for a small green fruit)
  • Wash the chicken thoroughly (1 whole chicken is about $5 in Fair Price)
  • But the "fired-up" charcoal on the Grated coconut (we used 4 packs $0.95 at Fair Price per pack). Create that burnt coconut feel. :)
  • Squeeze the grated coconut in 1 cup of hot/warm water. (Tama bang squeeze? Pigain ang nyog hang gang lumabas lahat ng gata! hehe)
  • Saute garlic and onion in a little oil
  • Add the chicken
  • Add the squeezed coconut milk
  • Add a little vinegar and pepper
  • Boil until chicken is cooked and papaya is soft
Trust me. This dish was SO GOOD. It was literally gone after few minutes!

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