Agree or Agree to disagree?

June 17, 2012
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Piggy's Take: Like every other Filipino (and PacMan fan) I wished he'd win. But he didn't. I hated reading Twitter after. Yeah, sure. We all think he should have won. But he didn't. And the decision is final. So let's not be bitter about it. Let's be sports, because this is why this is called sports. He lost. He's a gentleman and accepted it. Let's all be. :) Agree or agree to disagree?

Kanye tweets naked pic of Kim Kardashian 

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Piggy's Take: Heard Kenya denied it. If he did post it, it's SOOO ungentleman. (Like he is after grabbing the trophy from Taylor.) But whatever, if this is really Kim.. wow girl. You have  AMAZING curves! Agree or agree to disagree?

Police arrest Lee Ming Ho for rape 


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Piggy's Take: OMG. I had to read again. I SERIOUSLY thought it was my JunPyo. Damn that extra "G" in the Ming. Google "LEE MING HO" and JunPyo appears. Totally misleading for us K fans! Agree or agree to disagree?

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