Bad Tweets

Well, usually the controversial ones have the juiciest tweets. But remember that for these personalities the number of followers give them ego boost. So I say stop supporting 'em. Stop following 'em. Don't let them feel popular.

I've unfollowed a crazy DJ, a narcissistic yet ugly celeb, a celeb who keeps posting ads and quite recently a blogger who keeps giving blind items (which wasn't so bad until it was so obvious that he just wants attention by picking a fight with mega). Today I've unfollowed a crazy mom because she's out to destroy everyone and thinks that being a war freak is good just because you are showing your true colors. Hello? You can be true without hurting others.

I'm a Sharonian. But the way she makes patol on her bashers makes me want to unfollow her so as to keep the respect. I'll give it a week or 2. If she continues to self destruct.. I'm so unfollowing because I don't wanna see her fall out of grace (it'll hurt too much coz I love her too much).

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